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BAASSIKly speaking ....


BAASSIK (aka Giam) 

is a (mostly) a self-taught bass guitarist, music producer, teaching artist, speaker, international music ambassador, and music gear-head. Born in NYC, she learned to play various instruments in elementary and junior high school. In high school, she taught herself bass guitar by listening to the radio or her massive music collection. It wasn't until adulthood that she took it seriously and started gigging locally, then internationally, sharing her love of music for anyone who would listen.


Using her bass guitar, Maschine Mikro 2 ,(Native Instruments), Logic Pro X (Apple), Ableton 9 lite (Novation), or her many pedals, BAASSIK creates "mynd-scapes" [mind scapes], for the listener as she hears...feels it. "Making grooves...", as she calls her "beats", comes from her desire of self-expression while entertaining and educating others.


Her mottos are:

"Make (th)em think." BAASSIK (1990) and

"Keep it BAASSIK"! (1990)


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