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Some fav foods: Coffee, Chocolate, Smucker's™️Goobler Grape peanut butter and coffee. (Was coffee mentioned?!)
Fav colors: Red, Black, Silver
Her work as a music ambassador with Jazz At Lincoln Center: American Music Abroad, (as part of the defunct Hip-Hop band, The Lo Frequency), was documented in a book titled "Music and Diplomacy from the Early Modern Era to the Present", (Editors: Ahrendt, R., Ferraguto, M., Mahiet, D. (Eds.)), It is required reading in colleges throughout the United States. 
Her stage name's creation, BAASSIK, was partially influenced by a song/concept of one of her favorite Hip-Hop groups, De La Soul's D.A.I.S.Y., -an acronym for "... da inner sound, ya'll."  When their album, 3 feet High and Rising, was first released, she absolutely loved it. BAASSIK stands for:  "Black Artist(s) Are Standing Supremely In Key (Knowledge)". It also the concept that describes her style of not being "flashy", a throw-back against the expected flashiness as a performing artist.
As a child, she played violin, viola, acoustic guitar and trumpet. She also dabbled on keys and her Boss DR-110 analog drum machine, which still uses occasionally. She was also in her elementary school's chorus. 
She's an only child and was born in Manhattan, NY and raised by her maternal great-grandmother.
An admitted "gear-head", she has G.A.S.-"Gear Acquisition Syndrome". she loves checking out music gear! 
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